T2 Hand Operated Machine

A fully portable hand operated tray sealing machine with ‘envirocut’ zero waste film cutting system capable of up to 6 cycles per minute.

The T2 is supplied with a flat seal profile and zero waste straight edged film cut off blade as standard.

The T2 is ideal for trials and development work or small scale production. It has a very simple tool and film change system that allows many different tray sizes to be sealed using film widths matched to the tray width and providing zero waste.

The T2 has been designed to deliver the same seal force as the fully automatic machinery to ensure excellent seals every time.


  • Two minute tool changeover
  • Low maintenance polymer bearings
  • Simple and accurate film-feed system with easy film route
  • Maintenance friendly robust construction
  • Accurate temperature and seal pressure control
  • Fully portable bench mounted
  • High accuracy tool alignment system provides a constantly accurate sealing and/or film-cutting relationship with tray flange profile
  • Manual film-feed
  • Simple design and operation
  • All around seal only (No Cut) for packs with pre-cut or hinged lids
  • All around seal with straight cut along film trailing edge
  • Portable, can be operated from a standard 220-240 VAC supply
  • Low cost Purchase

T2 Sealing Capacity

The largest tray size that can be accommodated on the T2 is
280mm long x 220mm wide

The maximum film reel is 250mm diameter x 220mm width

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