Microwave Batch System MWB2260

Simple   Efficient   Precise  Flexible

Batch Microwave Systems are perfect for small, medium or large scale operations. They offer the speed, power, efficiency, and potential for customization that a continuous belt system offers, without the larger equipment footprint and price tag.

When used for tempering, a batch system can provide the opportunity to improve the quality of your product and maximize yields by minimizing drip loss.

Aside from tempering, batch systems are being used in a diverse range of applications, from cooking and drying, to high temperature melting and glue setting. The control software is customizable to your process to produce precise results every time.

A. Sanitation – Entire oven is constructed of stainless steel and rated for full washdown.
B. Safety – Interlocking access doors on the transmitters and process ovens meet applicable government safety standards for operation.
C. Automated door operation
D. Pallet load/unload system
E. Light curtain for operator safety
F. Cross beam product verification


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