Microwave Tempering System

Temper your product in minutes instead of days.

Simple   Efficient   Precise   Flexible

A tempering system eliminates the need for tempering rooms and multiple handling sequences. It provides the opportunity to improve the quality of your product and maximize yields by minimizing drip loss.

Microwave tempering allows for precise control of product temperatures, ensuring they are within the required limits for subsequent slicing, grinding, forming, or molding.

Tempers product from -18°C to -2°C in excess of 8 Metric Ton per hour.

Your microwave tempering system will be customized to meet your specific requirements and facility layout. A multiple chamber layout allows for even greater control over your final results.

A. Sanitation – Entire oven is constructed of stainless steel and rated for full washdown.
B. Belt System – A 24 inch wide positive drive, articulated belt of microwave transparent material moves continuously through the oven.
C. Safety – Interlocking access doors on the transmitters, process ovens and passive microwave suppression tunnels meet applicable government safety standards for operation.



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