GT1e Fully Automatic Machine

At the core of the ‘e’ design is its flexibility to perform any style of heat seal to a pre-formed tray, be that atmospheric, MAPVMAP , SkinSkin Plus or Skin Deep. Each of these options can be added now or at a later date, or indeed removed as necessary. This flexibility provides the user with the assurance that whatever the latest packaging trend might be, they have equipment suitably geared for the future.

Capable of producing up to 60 Vacuum/Gas packs per minute with a 5 Impression tool, the GT1e system is packed with user-friendly benefits including our unique Promotion modular conveyor system.

Designed to accept randomly spaced trays from any conveyor and can be fully integrated with other line equipment.


  • Five minute tool changeover
  • Low maintenance polymer bearings
  • Simple and accurate film-feed system with easy film route
  • Maintenance friendly robust construction
  • Accurate temperature and seal pressure control
  • High accuracy tool alignment system provides a constantly accurate sealing and/or film-cutting relationship with the tray flange profile
  • Simple design and operation
  • Film snap detection
  • ‘Auto Tool’ Touch of a button tool change system, automatically locates and connects tooling to machine functions including all MAP options
  • Integration of peripheral equipment, such as: infeed and outfeed conveyors, checkweighers, metal detectors and printers
  • All around seal and contoured film-cut with skeletal film rewind
  • Automatic seal operation with accurate seal dwell time
  • Self centering tray guides
  • Automatic film roll clamping
  • Food industry approved hygienic construction and wash-down protection
  • Full Category 3 guarding
  • User friendly, menu-driven control panel with step-by-step prompts, error and status displays, and useful batch pack counter
  • Recipe handling of machine settings
  • Self diagnostic system
  • Pendant mounted colour touch screen HMI control for full double-sided operation
  • Recipe driven auto machine set-up for tool change
  • On-screen data capture and trends with wireless connection option
  • Pot crush avoidance system
  • Active film tension
  • QR conveyors with quick release belts for easy hygiene and maintenance
  • Eseal® – high-performance, high-precision, high-force, energy-efficient, electric seal system that boasts a massive increase in seal force
  • Promotion – a high accuracy continuous motion tray infeed system, which increases production speed whilst reducing machine duty


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