3D Cutting Machine FAM Tridis™ 240

The FAM Tridis™ is a tridimensional dicer, designed for the very demanding frozen vegetable & fruit and French fry industry. Compared to other available cutting machines, the FAM Tridis 240 increases capacity from 10% to 40%. Optimizing the product flow has lead to an excellent cut quality and yield, with less slivers and fines. Perfect Performance made Easy.


  • Optimal product transit, with high passage speed, minimum path length and no obstructions, leads to ultimate cut quality
  • Compared to other available cutting machines, the FAM Tridis™ 240 increases capacity from 10% to 40%
  • Maintenance time reduced drastically by smart design and efficient auxiliary tools
  • Improved hygiene through maximum accessibility and sanitary design
  • Cutting tools can easily be replaced and adjusted thanks to a number of important Set & Forget™ features. Simplicity above all.

Key Features:

  • Obstruction-free product flow and minimal cutting zone length ensure ultimate cut quality.
  • By optimizing the product flow, the FAM Tridis 240 is able to run at a higher velocity, which increases capacity, without compromising cut quality.
  • Easy removal of the cutting tools ensures minimal downtime. The circular knife spindle can be removed by using the cassette system.
  • The bearings of the FAM Tridis 240 can easily be replaced thanks to the cartridge system.
  • The FAM Tridis 240 has sealed bearings that are lifetime greased. This eliminates over- or underlubrication. For specific applications the Tridis 240 is also available with grease points.
  • Many auxiliary tools are available to guarantee a quick changeover of the cutting tools and to simplify maintenance.
  • The angle set system is an easy tool to position the slicing guide perfectly.
  • Existing FAM ILC.2 customers will be able to re-use their ILC.2 crosscut spindles on FAM Tridis 240, as the spindles are identical.
  • The FAM Tridis 240 has 2 robust stainless steel safety switches.
  • Machine is equipped with a sanitary sealed electrical cabinet, which can be moved backwards away from the drive area to allow full access to this zone.
  • The FAM Tridis 240 is a smart choice in terms of sanitation. The machine has no hidden corners or visible wires and the frame is open with only slant surfaces.


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